Noha GT travel news

An update about our past trips to Rotterdam, Venice, Flanders and the upcoming tour in our hometown Amsterdam.

Kai joined a group of trustees of a leading New York museum on their visit to a number of Rotterdam art institutions and artists. Kai offered a perspective on how the architecture, urban development in Rotterdam have evolved the past decades and how the Dutch tradition of landscape photography reflected on those developments. (Sept. 2016)

Late October Kai lead a group of twenty employees of a Dutch knowledge organization on a tour of the architecture biennale in Venice. Via a photography assignment the group looked at the topics of inspiration, reflection and impact. How can the developments in architecture shown at the biennale say something about their company? The work is resulting in three wallpapers with the photo’s made during the trip.

Late October Noha organized its third GT trip to Flanders. We visited architectural highlights in Gent, the village of St.-Martens-Latem, the world famous interior Biennale of Kortrijk and the remains and heritage of the WW1 battles in Ieper. We finished the three day trip with a visit to the Villa Cavrois and La Piscine in Roubaix.

We are currently preparing a tree day company trip to Amsterdam for a foreign company as well as our own new trips for Spring 2017.